Corporate Culture


Paul J. Galeski
MAVERICK Technologies Founder

Over the years, I have seen corporate culture defined in many different ways. One example that I have seen is, ‘The values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization.’ That’s a good definition, but I prefer to define corporate culture as ‘The way we do things around here.’

The Way We Do Things Around Here

The MAVERICK corporate culture — the way we do things — has many facets. That’s no surprise in such a complex industry. But the simple core of each and every thing we do is our people, our professionalism and our passion for being the best.

When we are “on the field,” we are fierce competitors. We will outwork, outmaneuver and outsmart our competition at every turn. When we make a mistake or stumble — which everyone does occasionally — we make sure we fall forward by learning from our mistakes. We take on our customers’ problems and challenges as our own. We win as a team and we lose as team. There is not time for nor interest in finger pointing. We go the extra mile simply because it’s the right thing to do. We honor our commitments to our customers, partners and ourselves. We say what we will do, and then do what we say.

“Off the field,” we are caring and fun-loving people who don’t take ourselves too seriously. We believe in family and work-life balance. Our “work hard, play hard” approach is alive and well. Diversity, flexibility, inclusion and open-mindedness are critical to our success. When something big happens in our employees’ personal lives, they will hear from us. We have the strength of a large firm, and the look and feel of a small company.

We value safety above all. If something isn’t safe, we simply won’t do it. What makes MAVERICK unique is the fact that we actually live and breathe these words. It’s our way of life — the way we do things around here.

What We Admire in People

Our product is the collective skill set of our people and we invest in our future by working to hire, develop and grow our talented employees. We are committed to enabling our people to reach their full potential, personally and professionally, by providing challenging assignments and opportunities for continuous improvement. We value honesty and integrity above all. We expect hard work and offer an exciting, challenging and fun work environment. We are a professional company with a casual, creative atmosphere. Our passionate employees are accountable and responsible. We are a highly competitive team of professionals, always striving to be the best and never settling for less. We are a robust company with a family atmosphere. We pride ourselves on a strong leadership team that is always open to new ideas, feedback and suggestions.

We look for employees who:

  • Take initiative to get the job done every day.
  • Are not afraid to get their hands dirty. If the trash needs to be taken out,
    we take it out.
  • Have an interest in new and better ways to do things.
  • Thrive on continuous improvement.
  • Are team players.
  • Disdain corporate bureaucracy.
  • Take the time to know their customer’s business.
  • Are honest with their teams and customers — even when it’s hard.
  • Are practical in their approaches and solutions.
  • Are optimists.
  • Like what they are doing.

We want people who embody the Four Es:

  • Energy (generally keep moving, not lethargic)
  • Edge (not passive and capitulating)
  • Execute (the ability and tendency to get things done)
  • Energize (those who energize others, not drain the life out of them)

Earning the Respect and Trust of Customers

MAVERICK focuses on delighting our customers, developing and sustaining our talented resources, and meeting our financial obligations with a continued focus on safety. Safety is the first and foremost aspect of our business. We are dedicated to supporting our customers and going beyond the call of duty to treat their problems as our own. We uphold our commitments to our customers by always delivering upon our promises. We are committed to total customer satisfaction. We are innovative and empower our resources to think outside of the box, challenge the norm, be thought leaders in our industry and always do the right thing for our customers.