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Metals & Mining Production Optimization

The metals and mining industry faces continuous pressure to improve production efficiency and optimize throughput to maximize operations. They must also keep operations up and running, maintain regulatory compliance, manage safety risk and reduce costs. In today’s digital world, new and emerging technologies add greater intelligence to different types of devices and help you collect and utilize data generated by production assets. Leveraging this technology, metals and mining personnel can access the vast amount of data available in automation systems. They can turn data into actionable information, increasing production yields, throughput and profitability in a way that does not interrupt operations or put critical control systems at risk.

Some industry players do what they can and then wait for other forces to determine their future, but the leaders are those who take a more proactive approach. Those are the ones who seek out a partner with the resources and expertise required to ensure their success. MAVERICK Technologies understands these needs and can help you optimize your metals and mining enterprise-wide production processes to achieve operational excellence. Our years of domain experience and industry knowledge help you get the most value from your sites to help you remain competitive.

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MAVERICK can help:

  • Integrate multiple, disparate controls platforms with a single common framework
  • Connect intelligent assets, including modular or skid-mounted equipment, across your environment – using your existing technology platforms
  • Consolidate data to eliminate islands of information and manage data via a sustainable model and then archive it
  • Unlock manufacturing-centric data to make it usable by everyone in your enterprise
  • Measure and track your operational performance in the dimensions of asset efficiency, quality performance, product types, materials, energy, safety and cost
  • Operators execute critical processes correctly. This is key to maintaining regulatory compliance requirements and managing workforce challenges
  • Increase yield and throughput
  • Increase agility to meet customer demands

The MAVERICK Approach

MAVERICK can help you streamline operations by reviewing the information, control, power and safety infrastructure currently in place and taking a fit-for-purpose approach wherever new technology is required to help you reach your performance goals. The MAVERICK solution enables you to leverage your existing intelligent assets, while seamlessly integrating multiple, disparate control systems using our proven execution methodology. Our team of highly qualified subject matter experts have years of experience with various technology platforms and solutions. We can identify key operations and help you optimize operational performance at every level for greater safety, efficiency and overall profitability. We work with you to implement complete solutions to maximize your technological investment. Our experience allows us to facilitate enterprise-wide improvement across multiple sites and platforms.

Solutions for Improved Profitability

Partner with MAVERICK to benefit from our unique offering, including:
  • Capabilities in enterprise-wide services, from automation to business-level IT solutions
  • Deep expertise and knowledge of best practices for the metals and mining industry.
  • Knowledge of best practices gained from working with customers in other manufacturing and process industries
  • A track record of adhering to budgets and timelines
  • Platform-independent, scalable solutions that utilize your existing infrastructure
  • Proven Project Complete® methodology for meeting critical objectives with consistency and repeatability
  • The OpCon Advantage, combining the right people, process and technology to ensure project success

Case Studies

See how MAVERICK works with customers to overcome unique challenges in the metals and mining industry.
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