Operational Consulting

People, process and technology are the critical elements to success.

That’s why MAVERICK Technologies delivers all three elements to its customers as part of our operational consulting solution – OpCon Advantage. To help you achieve and sustain operational excellence and continuous improvement, we bring a holistic approach to every problem. Our deep domain knowledge spans a variety of industries and technologies, allowing us to provide customized services and solutions to fit your specific project requirements.

Turn your pain points into strengths for your business.

Our highly qualified consulting team can help you identify and eliminate the specific operational constraints that impact your profitability, such as distribution inefficiencies; outdated, underutilized or inappropriate technologies; capacity bottlenecks; organizational resource leveling; manufacturing, scheduling and planning issues; and inadequate strategic vision.

As your trusted partner, we will provide platform-independent solutions that are scalable and sustainable, allowing you to continue experiencing benefits as your business grows. Our qualified team brings decades of experience and will make recommendations without bias for technology. We support every phase of a project – anywhere from initial control platform assessment to startup and commissioning to ongoing maintenance and sustaining services.

The keys to a successful collaboration are early engagement, upfront planning and transparent communication.

  • Early Engagement
  • Upfront Planning
  • Transparent Communication

Let MAVERICK help you with your operational and business challenges. We will work from start to finish to help your team upgrade or use your facility’s existing systems and infrastructure to enhance your processes and operations for greater efficiency, reliability and predictability.

MAVERICK’s best practices approach and proven Project Complete® methodology guides our process to ensure we implement solutions in a safe, cost-effective and timely manner, while delivering an automation and control system that meets or exceeds your project objectives. We understand it’s vital to keep projects safe, on schedule and within the predetermined scope and budget. We integrate safety protocol and our proven methodology into every project to ensure its success before we even begin.

Our expert consultants engage with you on many levels, covering industrial automation, sustaining services, enterprise integration and strategic manufacturing solutions and services.

We can help you create a logical and business-justified path forward, bringing a mix of deliverables, including:

  • Incremental solution roadmap with estimated costs and benefits
  • Business case justification and support
  • Preliminary engineering studies
  • Solution and site readiness assessments
  • Energy efficiency studies
  • Cyber security assessments
  • Arc flash assessments
  • Remote monitoring services
  • Continuous improvement and sustaining services
  • Technology selection
  • Value creation opportunity identification

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